Sunday, August 17, 2008

Day 8: Comerica Park, Detroit; August 16

We get up about 10:00 and run some errands. We head over to the park about 5:00. I interview some people including the peanut guy and a few old-timers. My battery is low and I forgot to bring an extra tape. Good thing I am so prepared! We find a CVS in downtown Detroit. (no small feat) where I haggle over the price of tapes. I had bought upper deck seats through the Tigers the other day, but it turns out they are in the last row. The last guy I interview on the street has some pull and gets us better seats. He does this the old fashioned way- slipping the usher a $20 bill. The view and comfort are top-notch! Comerica Park is beautiful and I especially like the Ty Cobb statue on the outfield concourse. I forget to eat because I am consumed with our very cushy seats and the beer. If anyone knows how the food is in Comerica, please send me an e-mail.
Next Up: Cincinnati's Great American Ballpark.

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