Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Day 10, U.S. Celluar Field, Chicago; August 18

I take the train down to U.S. Cellular Field from my hotel by O'Hare airport. I interview some great people outside the stadium (including the lovely ladies in the photo who I ran into again here in the stadium!) before picking up a single ticket at the window. Of course I don't sit in my assigned seat but instead settle behind the Seattle dugout about 20 rows up. I come the closest I ever have in my life to catching a foul ball, but was one row away and two seats over. If I can catch a foul ball on this trip my life will be complete. Really. The White Sox fall behind 3-0 in the first but erupt for a big win. The fans act like they just won the the World Series. The Italian Sausage from Eddie Collins' Brats and Sausage is even better than Grandma used to make!

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LusciousAnna said...

Hey lovely. This is Anna from the Chicago O'hare Garden (The one you're currently stayin at) You dropped off your business card at the front desk and might I say, the blogging site is cool.

Sorry for our Fax Machine sucking balls.

See you soon ;)