Monday, August 25, 2008

Day 17: No Game, Houston; August 25

Here's some advice: NEVER drive from Dallas to Houston in the middle of summer in the middle of the day when your air conditioning doesn't work. Of course I am in denial about this (even though I am sweating profusely) until popcorn I bought yesterday at the Peanut Shoppe starts popping in my front seat. Damn it! The AC comes on for about 10 minutes halfway through the drive if only to taunt me: "I'm still here. I'm just making your life miserable on purpose. Goodbye." Oppressive heat then returns. I arrive at my friend Ted's apartment at 4:30 and immediately start two weeks worth of laundry and also shave the animal that has grown on my face. We find a mechanic who resembles Ron Jeremy and he agrees to look at the AC tomorrow. I pray that his skills under the hood are half as good as his twin brother Ron's are in the bedroom. We end the day with some good times (maybe not as good as our staged 'belly laugh' photo might indicate) at El Tiempo in Houston. I am pleased that the photo comes out at all as I cracked the LCD screen yesterday so every shot from here on out will be done blindly. As I write this post and prepare for bed, I check the business card from the mechanic. The name of the place is Ron's. I kid you not....

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