Saturday, August 23, 2008

Day 14: Busch Stadium, St. Louis; August 22

I pay $30 to get in as game time approaches just because I am a little nervous about ticket availability. I ask a woman at concessions what the house special is and she tells me to get the nachos grande. Well, if 'special' means stale chips, grade D meat and cheese that would make cheez whiz a champion in international competition, she nails it with these beauties. For the $8 I pay, the nachos should be served to me by one of the scantily clad girls who throw t-shirts off the dugout in the 6th inning. The good news is I get to see this t-shirt toss up close and personal as my friend's friend, Morgan, meets me on the concourse after the second inning and takes me to his seats in the SECOND ROW behind the Braves dugout! Morgan and his insanely fanatical friends are in town for two Bruce Springsteen shows and have decided to catch the Cardinals as well. From the second row I see the Cardinals thump the hapless Braves 18-2. Highlights for me are yelling 'Larry' as Chipper Jones walks off the field every inning, flicking a beetle in to the Braves dugout off the guy's back in front of me, staring at the girls as they throw t-shirts and running into the guys I interviewed in Cincinnati outside Busch Stadium. My seats are amazing, but nothing beats 'Patty O's' after the game. I feel like an intruder at a woman convention and dance the night away with endless women at the bar just steps from the new Busch Stadium. I grab a brat from the bar but the Miller Light's cloud my memory as to its taste. When you are drinking and get hungry, of course, slapping a a handful of snausages between two seat cushions and adding some 10w40 constitutes delicious. Next up: Kansas City. PS...The stadium is very cool.

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