Sunday, August 31, 2008

Day 22: Angels Stadium, Anaheim; August 30

The best part about today is that it isn't yesterday and that I actually I have about 6 hours of sleep to get me through the day. The worst part about today is that I watch my Michigan Wolverines take one in the chin from Utah on opening day at home under new coach, Rich Rodriguez. I leave San Diego about 4:15 for the 6:05 game in Anaheim because I watch the whole football game. I arrive about 5:40 and talk to a few people before checking out the ticket situation. The situation is bad: there are a few single tixx available for the lowest price of $45. I am not interested. But then again, there are no scalpers and it would kind of suck if I missed this very important game....I wander around near the big helmet before a young lady asks if I need one. I get it for $10 and enter the stadium. Security is tight for the lower sections but I do my patented 'fill your hands with lots of crap AND put the cell phone on the ear' move to sneak past my security friend. I sit in the 12th row next to a very enormous man whose body spills over into my seat. Highlights include trying to pop a beach ball, seeing a suicide squeeze, getting invited in for free food at the Coors Light party in center field, getting my photo taken coincidentally by a Utah grad sitting behind me and the fact that enormous man is wearing deodorant.

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