Saturday, August 16, 2008

Day 4: Fenway Park, Boston; August 12

I get some work done and run some errands in RI before game. I ruined my digital sill camera before the game at Shea yesterday as rain leaked into the Jeep and onto the dashboard where I had it set. I buy a new one at Staples and also make cards to pass out to people I meet with movie and blog names. I decide to call the blog 'BallparkTag.Com'. It has a nice ring to it and since I won't be spending six hours at each park- sometimes just an hour- my stops will sometimes be to 'tag' the park and leave. My primary purpose is to get to each park and watch at least part of a live game. I also want to try some of the local food, interview fans and check out the unique things that each park offers. I leave with Mark close to 4:00 for Fenway and we get there close to 6:00. I hate the Red Sox. I find a meter and don't have change. Fortunately I offer a homeless man who looks like Big Papi $3 for eight quarters and we both are happy. We don't have tickets either. It's raining off and on as I interview a few people. Still no tickets. I really hate this team. We get in line hoping to get tickets from those who did not sell on Stubhub. At 7:45 we get two standing room seats. It's 10-0 Sox already. I hate the Red Sox even more. We sit instead of stand. Great seats but very small. Texas actually comes back and pulls ahead 16-14 at some point. I am very happy. Boston wins 19-17, though, on a 3 run-HR by a jerk whose name rhymes with Dookalis. Most runs scored every in AL game. I hate the Red Sox. Did I mention this?

I get pulled over again on way back to RI. I'm not sure why, but I don't get a ticket. Not a good way to start the week and trip!

Next up: Pittsburgh's PNC Park.

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