Saturday, August 16, 2008

Day 5: PNC Park, Pittsburgh; August 13

We wake up early in Rhode Island but not early enough. I fight traffic back to NJ to drop Mark off. GPS saves the day by getting me out of stand-still traffic! I have almost all of my stuff for six weeks at my parent's house. It takes me almost 3 hours to organize and pack for the trip. I am WAY behind schedule when I leave for Pittsburgh about 3:00. I don't get to Pittsburgh until about 8. It's the fifth inning already and I don't have a ticket. I argue with a scalper but pay $5 to get in. I ask the scalpers if I can interview them for the documentary. They pull out a knife and I take that as a no. I buy $1 hotdog and $2 pizza from the kiddie concession stand. I tell the people I buy them from that the food is for my son. I eat both as I walk away. I meet my friend, DeFrank, and his friends in outfield. I get photo with Pirate as well as some photos of the monuments that are on the concourse in the outfield. The pirates win and Jolly Roger Flag goes up. We have a few beers at bar across street- IC Lights- the local favorite. I spend the night at DeFrank's childhood home within the city limits.
Next up: Cleveland and Progressive Field.

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