Thursday, August 21, 2008

Day 13: Wrigley Field, Chicago: August 21

It's my last day in Chicago so I guess I should check out that place they call Wrigley Field. I think of skipping it, but I hear it's pretty cool. OK, it is very cool. Even though I visited 10 years earlier, I definitely am looking forward to coming again. I hit some snafus on the train ride over, but still arrive just after twelve. I am amazed how many tickets are for sale. It seems every other person I pass is selling tickets. I interview some old timers and take lots of photos. A local woman takes a photo of me (photo on blog). She has good camera skills but needs a dollar for the bus. Even though I know needing a bus ticket is just a line to get money, I help her out as this is the best picture taken by a stranger yet! Eventually I buy a ticket from a scalper for $7 under face value at $25. UNDER face value at WRIGLEY! Wow! I'm supposed to sit in the tier reserve but end up dodging an usher and sit about 20 rows behind home plate. I buy a couple of calzones from Connie's Pizza and boy are they delicious! The Old Style goes down like Poland Springs after a 10 mile run so I really keep that beer guy working hard. Carlos Zambrano pitches well and also blasts a homerun. This guy is a beast! Kerry Wood saves the 3-2 game and I fight the crowds back to the 'El'. The train ride is never-ending but I finally get back and pack up my stuff to head south on 55 for St. Louis. My parting thought about 4 days in Chicago is that A LOT of people there look like Al Bundy. Even some of the women....

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