Sunday, August 24, 2008

Day 16: The Ballpark at Arlington; August 24

I am going to write this post like an Old Johnny Carson routine. I'm really not going to tell you anything specific, but am going to throw a few things at you and you will have to guess. My apologies to Carnac the Magnificent.....No-line day at Six Flags over Texas, GPS plus Indian Reservation equal bad, 2 hours of 'sleep' at gas station, belligerent trolley driver, team security and local police and the ambush of Tim, 100 degrees in the shade, Peanut Shoppe and the hot cougar in Oklahoma, Marshmallow Coffee, Super 9 Motel, Batman & Wonderman & Tim, another broken camera, HoJo, lost driver's license and did I mention the ambush? I got in the game. That's all I can say with full certainty. I still have not been able to assess this day with a clear mind. I may never be able to.....Until tomorrow. P.S. I promise myself right here in writing that I will remember to check the time the game starts BEFORE I embark on my next 10 hour drive with no sleep in a rush to make the 1 p.m- oops- 7 p.m., start.

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