Saturday, August 16, 2008

Day 6: Progressive Field, Cleveland; August 14

I leave Pittsburgh first thing and get to Cleveland by 10:30. I spend a few hours at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and sprain my ankle stepping in a pothole on the street. Damn you Cleveland! I check in the Hyatt at two and spend the afternoon getting work done. A lot of people wonder how I can do this trip for six weeks. Fortunately I have my own business in which I can work from the road MOST of the time. So during the days I will edit my video projects, check e-mail, make phone calls and try to keep things going until I get back! I have other videographers that film for my company so there are jobs going on while I'm away as well. I get to Progressive about 5:30. I talk to some people outside the stadium and meet my web designer, Jason, at the game. He secures two lovely ladies for me to interview. They know nothing about the Indians. I interview them anyway. We get great, free seats from Indians- 4th row! We drink a few beers and eat a brat and some local custard. I am back to the Hyatt by midnight. Long day! Next up: Detroit's Comerica Park.