Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Day 19: Lubbock, TX; August 27

Do NOT let the Verizon commercials fool you about that 'network' business. As soon as I leave Houston, Verizon and its network abandons me opting to stay in comfy confines of Houston. GPS is not my friend today either as there is no network to connect with, so I actually have to use a map again and am NOT happy about it. A highight of the 600 mile drive is picking up a cowboy hat at a gas station and having air conditioning for approximately 75% of the ride. I arrive in Lubbock about 8:30 and head to my friend Chap's house, where I am staying. After some food at a good N'Awlins restaurant I play (and win!) in beer pong against 20 year-olds (2-0) and hit the Texas Tech bars for a night out we won't soon forget. I do need some rest, though, as I have an 850 mile ride tomorrow to a VERY special place!

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