Saturday, August 30, 2008

Day 20 (Continued); Petco Park, San Diego; Aug. 29

You truly have not lived until you drive through the Mojave desert in August with no AC after not sleeping for even one minute the night before. Today should be day 21 of the trip but in my eyes, it is still day 20 because I never went to bed last night. I sweat through my shirt as I head south on 15 for San Diego. Good things happened in Vegas. Bad things also happened there. I am glad to put it behind me. I am afraid that traffic will keep me from reaching the game, but fortunately it does not get bad until I actually reach San Diego. My AC also mysteriously returns when I pull into SD after returning from its 3 day vacation while I needed it in the deserts. I buy a bleacher seat and am pleased to find out it is 'Elvis Night' at Petco Park. The San Diego Friar is dressed to the nines in Elvis gear when I meet him on the concourse for this fabulous photo. About three different women stop me in the park to comment on my coral shirt. I need to wear this more often. The Padres lose but the Park is my favorite so far. The fans are laid back and the fish tacos delicious. I end the night (and extended day) with a few drinks in the Gaslamp District with my friend, Dave. I know it's time to go home when I start falling asleep as I walk between bars. I hate you Vegas- I hate you! The good news is I am halfway done- 15 parks down, 15 to go!

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