Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Day 18: Minute Maid Park, Houston; August 26

"Broken air conditioner night" at Minute Maid should be the promotion tonight but instead it is Powerarde night. Bring a label from a Powerarde and get two tickets for $2. I don't think I have ever had a Powerade before and none of the shops near the stadium seem to sell it. I find a guy giving away two tickets and I let him know that the price is right. I try to confuse him and ask for $5. He does not bite. The foot long chili dog is the best of the trip and I hear the orange juice is killer, but I don't see any for sale. Highlights include getting a picture with The Little Pumas in centerfield, dropping my bottle cap on to the field by accident, sneaking past security to the 20th row and posing for another belly laugh shot (see above) in front of some very confused Texans. The good news is that Ron Jeremy seems to have fixed the AC in the Jeep. The bad news is that I think he used my Jeep for a movie shoot of his own this afternoon.

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