Saturday, August 16, 2008

Day 7, No Game; Cedar Point; Sandusky; August 15

I haven't been to an amusement park in a long time and I like to be amused. I do some work first then head to Cedar Point to meet a college friend, Barney. We ride the coasters and eat some bad food. It's a great time. The Top Thrill Dragster- CP's most famous ride- is insane. The belt on my shorts breaks from the force of the ride (not the hot dogs I have been eating I hope)- so I know it's intense. It was definitely worth the wait! I leave about 7:30 to head to Detroit in preparation for Saturdays game against the Tigers. I arrive at Larry's house about 10:00. We order some pizza and then head out for a beer. Both of us start yawning. I am also limping from sprained ankle and chaffed legs from walking the amusement park. I am too old for amusement parks and for stepping in potholes.

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