Monday, September 1, 2008

Day 24: Chase Field, Phoenix; September 1

Whoever said that there are no free rides in life apparently has never been to Phoenix on Labor Day. The city bus I take from the airport to Chase Field is not interested in money today. Happy Labor Day to me! The 15 minute ride saves me $25 on a cab which is a good way to start the day. I wander around the stadium in 125 degree heat (feels that way anyway) and am genuinely interested in who the hell these 'die hard' Diamondback fans rooted for before the Diamondbacks existed. I'm also interested in finding some closure over the Yankees Game 7 World Series loss on this field in 2001. I wear my Jeter jersey just hoping somebody will talk smack to me, and they do. This includes some guy who later reveals he is an Orioles fan. An Orioles fan?? I buy a ticket for $5 from some fans with an extra and head in to watch the game. I grab a world famous 'Fat Burger' for lunch and $10 Fat Tire beer (no relation) to wash it down in order to have full hands so I can sneak past security to much better seats. Randy "I think I pitched for the Yankees with the wrong arm" Johnson starts and fans 8 in 3 2/3 innings. He also gives up 4 home runs! Ha, ha, ha! I hate that mullett-sporting, 7 foot freak! There are 8 HRs in the game total and Stephen Drew hits for the cycle. Other highlights include almost catching a foul ball, being on the jumbotron while they film some hot girls near me dancing, the couple right behind me getting engaged (also on the jumbotron), almost winning a stadium-wide contest, post-game beers at Sliders Bar with their surgically enhanced bartenders and watching a guy (who I don't think was homeless) take a half-eaten slice of pizza out of a box on top of a garbage can by the bus stop and savoring it like he was eating Filet Mignon.

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