Sunday, September 7, 2008

Day 30; Safeco Field, Seattle: September 7

We start the day a little later than originally hoped because going to bed at 3 a.m. after 18 hours of driving leaves you slightly tired we find out. We had originally hoped to get to Safeco Field in Seattle about 11:00 so I can interview some Mariners fans but we get there closer to 12:45 instead. Scott bought the tickets a few weeks ago and the seats are pretty good, so I actually sit in my real seats for five innings for the first time all trip. Jeter hits a homerun in the first so things start off well but the Yankees and Mussina, who is trying for 18, do not bring their 'A' games. Safeco Field, however, brings its 'A' game when it comes to nachos. Scott and I split an order that is the size of a small country. Other highlights include almost catching a foul ball, meeting a guy with a Mets tattoo on one elbow and and a Yankee tattoo on the other, getting kicked out after trying to sneak to the third row in the 8th inning and talking to 4 crazy Canadians after the game. Scott heads back to LA via Alaska Airlines after the game and I meet my friends- Nathan and Megan Jendrick - for pizza and drinks south of Seattle. Megan, who just won a silver medal in Beijing as part of the women's swimming 4 x 100 meter medley relay, promises me that I can wear it the next time I come to Seattle while visiting all 30 ballparks. After a great dinner, I hit the road and head east for the first of a few days of heavy driving towards ballpark number 22....

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