Thursday, September 18, 2008

Day 41; Nationals Park, Washington D.C.; September 18

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I am up by 7:00 and am part of a carpool of 5 kids in a minivan going to school. Yeah for me! Joey drops me off at the nearest train station and I get the airport by 8:30, which gives me of plenty of time to make my 9:40 flight. No PA announcements today or mad dashes through the airport. I do realize that my video camera charger and a battery are still in Joey and Jessica's house. Without that, no more documentary! The flight to D.C. is smooth but I long for the trivia game that I had on yesterday's flight. I make it to my friend Ravi's apartment about 1:00 and spend the afternoon doing work. I get a MUCH later start than I want for the game and we don't get there until about 6:45. I scramble trying to find people to interview and don't make it into the stadium until about 7:30. We meet our college friend Josh and his wife and brother, Nicky and Adam. Adam did his own ballpark trip in 2007 hitting all 30 parks in 56 days! We watch most of the game from the bar in the upper deck of centerfield before walking around to check out the park after the seventh inning stretch. Other hightlights include meeting McGruff the Crime Dog, eating Giffords mint chip ice cream and healthy tacos, getting an e-mail from Megan the Marlin cheerleader, finding out Joey mailed the battery and charger to my next destination and knowing that in less then 12 hours I will be having an emotional reunion with the Jeep! 27 ballparks down and 3 to go!

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Whiskey Bottle said...

Why's it look like you're trying to quick take the picture so you can hide Ravi before security shows up?