Friday, September 5, 2008

Day 28; AT&T Park, San Francisco; September 5

Theoretically we are supposed to drive from LA to San Francisco today via the PCH. A few wrong turns on access and unmarked roads along with an unauthorized stop to Carl's Jr. for breakfast, delays us early, but we eventually have a fairly scenic (albeit foggy) ride along the left coast. Highlights of the ride include stopping for lunch at a Mexican dive called Chachos, realizing Scott forgot our Sunday Yanks/Mariners tickets at his house, passing Ebay/ Yahoo/Google/Microsoft and Oracle and Stanford on Route 101 and snagging a few free happy hour beers at the bar at Embassy Suites. We get to AT&T Park about 6:45
(without tickets of course) and watch the first inning from a FREE standing room spot in right field. A scalper tries to SELL us tickets while we stand in the FREE section and I tell him to go jump off the Golden Gate Bridge. We eventually buy upper deck seats for $8 so we can check out the stadium and enjoy the famous Gilroy Garlic Fries. Other highlights include Scott dumping the peppers and onions from his sausage on my favorite pair of shorts (and then scooping them off my shorts and eating them), cutting in front of crying four year olds to ride the frightening 'Guzzler' slide sponsored by Coke (see above), and finding out Scott's wife, Anita, had saved the day by overnighting our Sunday tickets to tomorrow's hotel! 20 parks down and 10 to go!

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