Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Day 25: Dodger Stadium, LA; September 2

Seeing Joe Torre in a Dodgers uniform is something I am not looking forward to. Fortunately, my seats in the Loge make it impossible for me to make him or anyone else out for that matter. The Dodgers have the Stadium pretty well segregated so getting to the field box seats is pretty much impossible from the $10 seat I buy in the Loge. My best option is to move to a more prime loge seat behind home plate, where I settle in next to a guy named Chuck, his daughter and a crazy guy from Poland. I eat a Dodger Dog and some Camacho Nachos (seriously, that's what they are called) and wonder if said Dodger Dog and Camacho Nachos are going to have a battle royale in my stomach. Manny "I-would-lose-vs-my-glove-in-a-trivia-contest" Ramirez hits a homerun in the first inning and nearly blasts a grand slam later in the game. Highlights for me include meeting the famous peanut guy, conducting my fantasy football draft via the phone with my friend John in CT, a base hit single going down the Dodger first baseman's shirt creating a blooper that will be shown until the end of the world, almost getting pulled over pulling out of the stadium and realizing the Jeep now permanently smells like the Gates and Sons BBQ sauce I bought in KC that broke on Sunday in the back seat.

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