Sunday, September 21, 2008

Day 43; NYC, September 20


There are a lot of "supposed to's" today. I was supposed to go to a Blue Jays game. I was supposed to be done with ballpark 28. I was supposed to be eating Canadian bacon in Canada today. I was supposed to take off from Detroit to NYC at 6:15, but because of a malfunction we have to change planes and don't leave Detroit until nearly 8:00. As soon as I hit my seat, I pass out. I awake to the sound of airplane wheels hitting runway and the stewardess saying, "Thank you for flying Northwest and welcome to Detroit!" Detroit?!?!? I am supposed to be in NYC... I think. Did I sleep all the way out to NYC and then fly back to Detroit again on the return flight without being woken up?? I frantically search for answers from a guy sitting next to me. Turns out, I am in NYC and the stewardess just made a verbal typo. Don't tease me like that! I have about 5 hours before my wedding starts and use every minute of it to run errands like showering and meeting a potential client at my studio, picking up my tickets to the last Yankee game at my friend Eric's apartment, picking up my suit from Ed's apartment and grabbing lunch at my favorite pizza place in the world, Zesty's. I meet my assistant, Adam at the wedding and shoot for 10 hours. I do OK except for falling asleep standing up during the first dance. A normal human would then probably go to bed but I meet Stonge at the bar with highlights including sampling a very strong Mickey Mantle drink, reminiscing about sleeping a few nights earlier and passing out in the back of a limo as we ride 10 blocks for $25 because I am literally falling asleep as we walk. I offer the driver $20 when we get out and his reply makes a whole lot of sense. "Sir, you can't renegotiate the rate after the ride." Makes sense. Tomorrow will be the best day of the trip hands down: Yankee Stadium and it's last game are on the agenda!

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