Thursday, September 11, 2008

Day 33; South Dakota, September 10

If any of you have been reading this blog consistently, you will remember the day I had a few weeks ago in Arlington, TX. I was so exasperated and at a loss for words, I had to employ Carnac the Magnificent- Johnny Carson's old creation- to write the blog. Today was Arlington times 10, so I am not in the state of mind to write lucidly or with great detail. Again, with apologies to Carnac, some of the highlights..... Waking up in the Jeep Motel in Cody, Wyoming, jousting deer and the Jeep lock-out, a monsoon in South Dakota that would make a weather man blush, the Jeep and the miracle hydroplane, a tour of Mt. Rushmore that would make even Clark Griswold proud, the lightening scare in the Badlands, a 40 foot chipmunk, teaching a Hell's Angel to take photos, 975 miles in 18 hours, finding common ground with an Ohio State fan, unwinding over cheese balls, petting a horse named Dante and a return trip to the Jeep Motel in comfortable Fairmount, MN. Did I mention the 720 degree hydroplane? Baseball resumes tomorrow- and hopefully so will my normal heart rate.....

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