Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Day 26: No Game, LA; September 3

On the 26th day, God said to rest. So I do...I have been running around like crazy for the past month or so and it's starting to catch up to me. I am staying with my friends, Scott and Anita, in the suburbs of LA for a few days. I try to get some work done but fall asleep at the table after a few hours. In between, the repairman, mailman, and pest control all make visits. Suburban life is wearing me out. I decide to take a nap - something I probably haven't done since age two- and wake up at 5:00 in a panic. Where am I supposed to be? What game am I late for? What flight did I miss? When I realize it's none of the above, I breath a sigh of relief. I go for a run to wake up a little and need my phone's GPS to find their house on the way back. When I return, Anita is slightly annoyed because I did not mention loud enough that I was going out for a run. Apparently baby time and Tim time do not mesh well and the baby only has about another hour before she starts going bonkers. I change without showering (yeah, it wasn't pretty) and we head to a local chain called Bail Jumpers or something like that. I have known Scott for almost 20 years and tonight I discover something new about him: he's a weirdo. He tells me he's going to order the jambalaya, which I decide sounds delicious. When the waitress comes, I order the jambalaya and Scott changes his order. I tell him that I will get the cobb salad instead, but it's already too late. "You've ruined it," he says. "I hate having the same thing or even having someone else think of having the same dish as me." We have the waitress take our picture with my broken camera which is certainly no 'Eco Sun', the beloved camera the two of us used for all of our high school adventures. All and all, an exciting day of suburban, married life for the four of us!

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