Monday, September 8, 2008

Day 31: Idaho/Montana; September 8

I used to watch Star Wars a lot as a kid so it is no surprise to me when the 'Jedi Mind Trick' used famously by Obi-Wan Kenobi with a Storm Trooper, works for me on a Washington State Trooper. "I am not the speeder you are looking for," I say as the Trooper stares through my window. "You are not the speeder I am looking for," the Trooper repeats, handing me back my license and registration. (OK, and PBA card.) I'd like to say that is the most stressful part of the drive east today, but then that would be a lie. About 200 miles or so into Montana, I notice my gas gauge is past the 'E'. I also notice that there is no sign of any town or life at all for that matter. I would probably have a better chance of finding a gas station on Mars than this stretch of desolate Montana roadway. I also notice that with the top of the Jeep down and the sun gone as well, it is VERY cold out. I reminisce about two days ago when the AC disappeared for 3 hours in the California heat and Scott and I couldn't stop complaining. I turn the heat on high and keep driving. I turn the radio off to save energy and slow my speed down to a very reasonable 60 MPH. I mentally prepare for a few hours on the shoulder of the highway waiting for help but then a town appears like an oasis in the desert. I coast into the gas station on fumes and promise myself and the Jeep not to cut things so close again. Highlights of the day besides not freezing to death on the side of a Montana highway are a trip through Idaho on the Couer D'Alene scenic highway (above), getting 'Rob's Special' at Rob's Seafood & Burgers in Idaho, having speed limits of 75 in Idaho and Montana and not even being able to go that fast, and finding the 'Lewis and Clark' Motel & Lodge in Three Forks, MT to spend the night.

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