Sunday, September 14, 2008

Day 36: No Game, NYC; September 13


My friends Dan & Tienne wake up today to the sound of me saying, 'Oh, no.' Needless, to say, it is not the kind of start any of us want to have for a lovely Fall Saturday in Denver. My suburban difficulties on the trip continue as I struggle with fickle plumbing and apprehensive kids but we fight through our "where the hell is the plunger and how do we stop this roof from leaking?" drama and still make it in time for my 10:40 flight to NYC. I am headed to NYC because I have to film a wedding tomorrow. Out of curiosity, I ask the security agent if it is possible to get on a plane if you forget your driver's license. His response: "It's possible but we would have to give you the 'full monty' search. You don't want the full monty." I don't ask what the 'full monty' is, but I have a pretty good idea and know that I do not want it. Ever. I am excited to be back home for the first time in five weeks. Even my rude, non-English-speaking cab driver is welcome after weeks of overly friendly middle-Americans. Ah, home sweet home! I head to my apartment to drop some things off and get my equipment ready for the shoot. I watch Michigan play like my high school team in a horrible loss to Notre Dame with my friend Ed (pictured with wife, Jess). I then kick back and watch the Yankee make-up game on TV before heading to dinner at Bobby Flay's Bar Americain with my friend James and his dad- in town for their first and last ever trip to Yankee Stadium. James and I then join our friend Evans for a full night of revelry at some of NYC's finest watering holes, including a personal favorite I like to call, "Automatic Tims". Highlights include trying to sell a drunk bride-to-be (who just fell off the bar) on getting video at her wedding, having a girl I ask to take our picture make fun of and reprimand me for having a camera with a broken LCD screen, and finding solace in the fact that I own an industrial strength NYC toilet that will never let me down!

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