Thursday, September 4, 2008

Day 27: No Game, LA; September 4

They say there is no crying in baseball, however there is plenty of crying in a house with an 18 month old girl. I need to get on the road again and fast. Diana has made it perfectly clear that there is only room for one person who acts like a 2 year old, and that person's name rhymes with 'cry-ana'....I spend the day working and also get the Jeep cleaned and ready for the next few days of hard driving up the coasts of CA and Oregon. The guys at the car wash spend so much time cleaning the Jeep I swear they get dirt out that has been there since the last cross country baseball trip in 1998. I take some glamor shots of Diana and family and pack up for the trip to San Francisco in the morning. By the time Diana reads this, I will be gone....

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