Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Day 46; The Rogers Centre, Toronto; September 23

So you actually thought I wasn't going to make it to all 30? Fat chance! Of course it is all not roses and ice cream getting to Toronto from Baltimore. I wake up in Baltimore about 7:00 and have a 9:00 flight to Detroit, where my car is presumably parked at the airport. Instead of spending the $40 on a shuttle, I opt for the Baltimore light rail, which is a cool $1.60 a ride. I wait close to a half hour for the right train which arrives at 8:!5. Again, my flight is at 9:00. Is anyone actually surprised that this is how my last day will go? If you are surprised, please reread blog from the start and/or get your sanity checked by a professional. I arrive at the airport at 8:35 and race through the terminal as fast as I possibly can. It does not help that Southwest is as far away as humanly possible from where the train lets me off. Miraculously there is no line at security so I get through in under 5 minutes. As I ride the people mover I realize that my rolling suitcase is still at security. I run the wrong way on the people mover- moving surprised people out of my way physically- and pick up my very angry bag. I get to the gate at 8:45 and they are just boarding. Thank God this is my last flight! I am in Detroit by 10:30 and at my car by 10:45. I turn the key and the Jeep starts! I assumed it would not as this is the last day and I do want to get to Toronto, but it comes through for me AGAIN! My next fear is crossing the border. I have so much crap in the car it looks like I'm moving to Canada. I decide to take the tunnel instead of the bridge. This route takes me past the casinos in Detroit. "Just one hour of blackjack," I think to myself... I pass because I assume my car will be stripped bare once exiting the casino. I gas up right behind Comerica Park ironically. There is a Subway in the gas station with bullet proof freaking glass in front of the sandwich makers! Only in Detroit people, only in Detroit! The customs agent asks me some questions and I answer them at about 75% truth. "You say live in NYC but your license says NJ? You have a knife in the car? Is it a switchblade? Are you planning to work in Canada? Why do you have eight bags of stuff in your backseat?" The list goes on, but she lets me in without checking the car! I cruise up 401 East toward Toronto and enjoy all the signs the government has on the side of the road to warn you not to do anything bad. "Do not speed--or else. Do not fall asleep-- or else. Do not drink and drive- or else." French and English. I stop for lunch at Mr. Sub- a famed Canadian chain and home to the world's greatest sub. I am in Toronto by 5:00 but because of wrong turns and traffic, I do not get to the Stadium until after 6:00. I interview some locals and keep my eye out for tickets. I need three as I'm meeting my friends- Dave and Jason. The game is against the Yankees (yeah!) but tickets are plentiful. A scalper offers to sell me 3 behind the dugout for $50 and I offer him $40. He is not happy. "Why don't you bend me over first, reach around grab my t--s, and f--k me in the ?!? while you are at it! And Jeter sucks you a--hole!" That is the G-Rated version of what he says. Everyone stops and watches us. I walk away and buy 3 for a much better deal from some regular fans. The scalper is probably still yelling. Our seats are great and I am in. It's official! I wanted to get to all 30 parks and I have done it! I order some nachos and a beer. It's kind of cool to finish in Toronto as it's also where I finished when I did the trip 10 years ago. The Yankees are in a fierce battle with the Jays for third place. (Ouch). Mussina pitches well and Mariano saves it. It's over. It's really over. Not only for me, but for the Yanks. Boston wins and the Yankees are officially eliminated. It's been a long time (1993) since they didn't make the playoffs, so it's a hard pill to swallow. I have a few days left to get back to New York but I'm going to take a day off tomorrow and do something I enjoy- I'm going to Yankees/Blue Jays! Thanks for reading and following along. I will probably document the last few days of the trip as I have a few surprise stops of interest on the way home. I will also be updating after that with any progress on the movie. Stay tuned and keep in touch!

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